Terminid Bug Spawn Rates Nerfed On Harder Difficulties In New Helldivers 2 Patch

Terminid Bug Spawn Rates Nerfed On Harder Difficulties In New Helldivers 2 Patch

“Good day citizens of Super Earth,” the patch notes read. “A new patch to aid you in your efforts is coming in. May Super Earth give you courage. Today’s patch is dealing with the spawn rate of heavily armored Terminid enemies as well as the possible play against them. It also contains some fixes to U.I. elements and crash fixes.” 

In terms of Terminid nerfs and fixes, Arrowhead says the spawn rate of heavily armored targets on higher difficulties has been a “big discussion point online and internally.” The studio says the intent of the challenge was for groups to have to bring some form of anti-tank capability, but admits not to the degree now needed. 

“To that end, we have reduced the spawn rate of Chargers and Bile Titans on difficulties 7 and up,” the team says in the patch notes. “In addition, we have reduced the risk of spawn spikes of Chargers and Bile Titans.”

It’s important to note that today’s patch does not affect the difficulty of these Terminid bugs – just the spawn rate. Arrowhead says to expect other enemy types to appear in greater numbers instead. However, the patch notes say Arrowhead is lowering the health of the Charger’s head, making it easier to target that weak point with something like a Recoilless Rifle or EAT-17, which will instantly kill a charger. 

Elsewhere in the patch, the Electronic Countermeasures stratagem has been confirmed as removed – it was actually removed in a past last week but patch notes didn’t mention it – so it can be reworked. Here are some other fixes in today’s balance update: 

Are you happy with the changes coming in today’s Helldivers 2 patch? Let us know in the comments below!

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