Tenjutsu Is A Martial Arts Roguelite From The Designer Of Dead Cells

Tenjutsu Is A Martial Arts Roguelite From The Designer Of Dead Cells

Devolver describes the game as a “fast and fluid rogue-jutsu,” leaning into the game’s jujutsu roguelite action. In it, you control a renegade yakuza “hellbent on defying her former associates and loosening their grip on the Secret Garden City.” To do so, you must fight four powerful crime syndicates. To defeat them “you must master a brutal brawling system and build a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and martial arts techniques, breaking their hold on the streets in a flurry of violence.” 

Check out the Tenjutsu trailer for yourself below

While you must take down all four crime syndicates, the order you do so is up to you. As you take more and more down, you gain control of Secret Garden City and can seemingly upgrade its districts and more for rewards. Doing so will unlock new weapons, combat moves, and additional areas for exploration. However, the longer you spend doing this, the stronger your enemies become. 

Here are some Tenjutsu screenshots

There is no release date for Tenjutsu just yet, but it’s coming to undisclosed consoles and PC. 

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