Stellar Blade Gets A Free Demo This Friday

Stellar Blade Gets A Free Demo This Friday

Stellar Blade, the flashy action game from ShiftUp, isn’t officially out until late April, but eager players can get their hands on the game as soon as this week. A free demo hits the PlayStation Store this Friday, March 29, and will throw players headfirst into the game’s opening moments. To get an idea of what that gameplay looks like, check out the demo trailer below.

Game director Hyung Tae Kim gave a deeper explanation on the PlayStation Blog. He writes, “This first stage will include the tutorial phase to help you familiarize yourself with basic combat features as you explore post-war Eidos 7, a human city now infested by the Naytiba, giving you an early grasp of gameplay mechanics that will serve you throughout the game’s story.”

Stellar Blade is a PS5 exclusive that launches on April 26. Its demo launches on March 29 at 7 AM PDT / 2 PM GMT.

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