Stellar Blade Director Reveals New Game Plus Mode, Says No Microtransactions With One Exception

Stellar Blade Director Reveals New Game Plus Mode, Says No Microtransactions With One Exception

Stellar Blade director Kim Hyung Tae has announced that developer ShiftUp’s upcoming action game, Stellar Blade, will get a New Game+ mode sometime after launch. Plus, Tae says there will be no microtransactions in the game, save for one theoretical exception. 

This news comes from a new interview with Korean publication Ruliweb, where Tae explained that while Stellar Blade will have a New Game+ mode at some point, it won’t be available at launch, as translated by Genki_JPN on Twitter. Tae also told Ruliweb that players should not expect any microtransactions in Stellar Blade, but notes that one exception would be paid collaborations with another company’s IP. 

“We want to make it clear at this point that Stellar Blade will not require any additional expenses that gamers are not aware of beyond what they paid for the package,” Tae told Ruliweb. “The only exception is if we create collaboration costumes with another company’s IP; those may be sold for a fee. Also, there is no New Game+ in the launch version, so please look forward to it being updated very soon.” 

Given that no collaborations have been announced at this point, Tae is likely just checking bases for hypothetical collaborations ShiftUp may or may not be pursuing. At any rate, given the popularity of ShiftUp’s Goddess of Victory: NIKKE game on mobile devices, it’s possible we see an internal collaboration between those two properties. 

[Source: Ruliweb]

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