Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Set For August, New Story Trailer Shown

Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Set For August, New Story Trailer Shown

Star Wars Outlaws puts you in the role of Kay Vess, a pickpocket turned thief who gets mixed up with Sliro, the leader of Zerek Besh, a new criminal syndicate. Sliro places a bounty on Kay’s head, and Kay and Nix have one shot at freedom: pulling off the ultimate heist. Together, Kay and Nix must navigate the criminal underworld, managing their reputations with various criminal organizations, including the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, the Ashiga Clan (a new syndicate created for this game in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games), and Crimson Dawn. 

Kay and Nix’s adventure will take them to various planets and moons, including Tatooine, Akiva, Kijimi, Canto Bight, and the newly created moon, Toshara. These planets and moons house busy cities and cantinas, sprawling open-world areas to explore, and orbital areas Kay and Nix can explore using her ship, the Trailblazer. While in the Trailblazer, Kay can engage in chases, evasive maneuvers, and dogfights with the Empire or other enemies she makes along the way.

“In search of true freedom, the resourceful Kay and Nix will journey through the underworld across the Outer Rim, taking on jobs from syndicates, facing off against intimidating foes, avoiding oppressive Imperial rule, and recruiting a skilled outlaw crew in order to pull off one of the greatest heists the galaxy has ever seen,” creative director Julian Gerighty said in a press release.

You can see the story trailer below.

“Star Wars Outlaws invites fans to experience a side of the galaxy that has a treasure trove yet to be explored, the exploits of the scoundrels taking advantage of the golden age of the underworld,” vice president of Lucasfilm Games Douglas Reilly said in that same press release. We’ve been inspired by Massive Entertainment’s dedication to bringing this aspect of Star Wars to life, including both iconic and new things for fans to explore in an open world.”

The upcoming title features three different versions. The Standard Edition includes the base game for $70. Meanwhile, the Gold Edition adds the Season Pass, which consists of two pieces of DLC, the exclusive “Jabba’s Gambit” mission at launch, the “Kessel Runner Character Pack” cosmetic pack, and up to three days of early access. The Ultimate Edition includes all that, plus the Sabacc Shark Bundle (cosmetics for Kay, her blaster, Nix, Kay’s speeder, and Kay’s ship), the Rogue Infiltrator Bundle (cosmetics for the same items as the Sabacc Shark Bundle), and a digital art book.

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