Square Enix Will 'Aggressively' Pursue Multiplatform Strategy In Company Reboot

Square Enix Will 'Aggressively' Pursue Multiplatform Strategy In Company Reboot

Square Enix is rebooting itself, “aggressively” pursuing a multiplatform strategy that includes PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC in the process. This comes from the company’s latest financial earnings report, which details Square Enix’s three-year reboot plan for long-term growth. 

Within that three-year reboot plan, Square Enix lists four pillars

As part of this plan, Square Enix “will aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy that includes Nintendo platforms, PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs,” according to the financial report. “Especially, in regards to major franchise and AAA titles including catalog titles, it will build an environment where more customers can enjoy these titles,” it continues, possibly alluding to multiplatform releases for future Final Fantasy games and more.

Square Enix also says it will “devise a platforms strategy for SD [Smart Devices/PC Browser portfolio] that includes not only iOS and Android, but also the possibility of PC launches. It continues, “Furthermore, the Group will strive to maximize the acquisition of new users when launching a title and that of recurring users after starting management of game operation.” 

Throughout the financial report, Square Enix uses the word “fun” as a focal point for the future development of its games. It says it wants to focus on the development of titles “delivering ‘fun’ that only [Square Enix] can create and build.” 

In terms of numbers, Square Enix’s net sales are up 3.8% year-over-year at $2.28 billion this year, with digital entertainment sales up 2.5% at $1.59 billion. However, its operating income – $209 million – is down nearly 27%. 

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