Sleight Of Hand Is A Noir Stealth Action Sim And Deckbuilder Inspired By Metal Gear Solid

Sleight Of Hand Is A Noir Stealth Action Sim And Deckbuilder Inspired By Metal Gear Solid

While today’s reveal was strictly cinematic, RiffRaff says players will wield “cursed cards to cast a smoke-based menagerie of magic” while navigating around “patrolling ruffians by evaporating into smoke.” 

Check it out for yourself below in the Sleight of Hand reveal trailer

“Step into the gumshoes of Lady Luck (voiced by Debi Mae West, Metal Gear Solid’s Meryl Silverburgh), a revered former occult detective fated to return for one final job: taking down her former Coven,” a press release reads. “Her departure was less than amicable; last time, she lost her left hand. Too tired to fight fate any longer, and with more overdue bills than bucks to her name, Lady Luck strikes out to Steeple City with cursed deck in hand, ready to track down everyone from her past life.” 

As an example of gameplay, the press release explains the following: 

In Sleight of Hand, players can upgrade their deck and assemble hands for each “highly replayable level,” built to encourage experimentation. You can stick to subterfuge with the Glimpse card to see enemies behind walls and then blind them with the Ignorance card to slip by undetected. The Hand Cannon card allows you to take out patrolling guards with a single shot. 

“Making this game has been a long time dream of mine,” Boggs, who is CEO of RiffRaff and director of Sleight of Hand, writes in a press release. “It combines my love of Kojima’s brilliant pioneering work in Tactical Espionage Action with Metal Gear Solid and my obsessive desire to push the envelope in making new gameplay experiences. In typical ‘me fashion’ (as the team here would say), I’ve sought to turn the genre on its head with a healthy dose of innovative card play. 

“It’s been a hard road, honestly the hardest project I’ve worked on, but I am so honored to walk side by side with this team as we push the stealth action genre in a brand new direction.” 

Here are some screenshots from the Sleight of Hand reveal trailer

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