Sketchy Fables Is A Hand-Drawn First-Person Adventure Made With 10,000 Drawings

Sketchy Fables Is A Hand-Drawn First-Person Adventure Made With 10,000 Drawings

Sketchy Fables is a hand-drawn, first-person adventure created by solo developer Alle Jong using 10,000 drawings. And it’s something you simply have to see, whether you’re interested in first-person exploration games or not, because it’s a sight to behold. 

As someone who cannot draw, I’m always fascinated (and impressed) with people who can. That Jong was able to create an entire game using 10,000 drawings is all the more fascinating, and if the trailer below is any indication, it’s a game I can’t wait to check out. 

Watch the Sketchy Fables gameplay trailer for yourself below

There’s not much more information to find about the game. Its Steam description reads, “Sketchy Fables is a first-person exploration adventure.” Diving into the details of the Steam listing, Jong says it plays like an interactive cartoon and features a diverse game environment to explore full of villages and rural landscapes. 

It’s also “focused on personal exploration with many random encounters and discoveries,” according to the page. 

As for when Sketchy Fables hits PC, that remains unknown, but it’s a game we’re keeping our eyes on so hopefully we’ll have more to share sooner than later. 

Do you want to check out Sketchy Fables? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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