RKGK Is An Anime Inspired Graffiti Action Platformer Coming This Year

RKGK Is An Anime Inspired Graffiti Action Platformer Coming This Year

At the Triple-i Initiative earlier this week, Gearbox Publishing and developer Wabisabi Games unveiled RKGK. Sporting an eye-popping art direction that blends anime and graffiti art influences, this promising-looking action platformer is coming this year.

RKGK (pronounced “Rakugaki”) unfolds in a Cap City, a futuristic metropolis caught in a vice grip by the oppressive B Corp led by the villainous Mr. Buff. The plot centers on rebellious graffiti artist Valah, who rages against this machine by using her art to bring life back to the city and inspire its citizens to stand up and rebel.

Valah gets around by using her graffiti paint to stylishly grind on rails while chaining jumps, dashes, and glides. She also has appears to have her own drone to soar across the cityscape. High-speed platforming is the name of the game, and maintaining a smooth flow state sends her into Defacer mode, transforming the world into a dreamy animated version of itself. Although the trailer doesn’t show off gameplay, it depicts Valah spraying paint to destroy B Corps’ robotic minions. You’ll also be able to create graffiti art using an array of paint and cosmetic tools. Check out the screenshots below for an in-game look at RKGK. 

RKGK is Wabisabi Games’ debut title and looks to follow in the graffiti-soaked dystopian future footsteps of games like Jet Set Radio and Marc Ecko’s Getting Up (remember that?). It’s coming to PC later this year.

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