Remedy Shares Development Updates For Control 2, Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake, And Codename Condor

Remedy Shares Development Updates For Control 2, Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake, And Codename Condor

According to the report, the Control 2 team is “focused on finalizing the proof-of-concept stage, in which the game world, game mechanics and visual targets are proven.” The project is expected to move into the production readiness stage in Q2 of this year. Control 2 was first announced in 2022. 

Codename Condor has entered full production. Remedy describes its core loop as “engaging” and that “the game brings a unique Remedy angle to the genre.” Codename Kestral, Remedy’s other multiplayer title described as a “premium game with a strong, cooperative multiplayer component”, remains in the concept stage. 

Remedy also shares that Alan Wake 2 has sold 1.3 million units as of early February, recouping a “significant” chunk of its development and marketing expenses in the process. The development team continues to work on its upcoming expansions, Night Springs and Lake House. 

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