Price Increases And New Tiers Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Price Increases And New Tiers Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Starting today, Xbox Game Pass will be experiencing some changes which includes redefining of certain tiers. And later this year, there will be a handful of price increases for various tiers. Here’s the exact text as it is presented on Microsoft’s website.

The new Xbox Game Pass Standard tier for new members will be $15 a month and will not include access to Day One releases, EA Play, Game Pass for PC, and cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes access to all the bonuses now not included in the Standard tier is increasing its price from $17 a month to $20.

Xbox Game Pass Core, which offers online access and a much smaller library of curated games, is changing its yearly from $60 to $75. The $10 monthly price for that tier, however, will remain unchanged.

PC Game Pass is increasing from $10 per month to $12, but the that tier will still include Day One releases.

All of these price changes will reflect starting on September 12.

Price changes for services you already pay for are always frustrating. What do you think of the change? Do you plan on maintaining your subscription? Or is it time to cancel?

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