PlayStation's PC Strategy Is Going Well As Ghost Of Tsushima Was The Best-Selling Game Of May 2024

PlayStation's PC Strategy Is Going Well As Ghost Of Tsushima Was The Best-Selling Game Of May 2024

The rest of the top 10 for May 2024 looks like this

And here’s what the top 20 best-selling games of the entire year look like: 

Year-to-Date Ending May 2024 Top 20 Best-Selling Premium Games – U.S. (Dollar Sales, Physical and Digital from digital data sharing publishers, excludes add-on content)

Elsehwere in the report, Piscatella says video game hardware spending declined 40% as well when compared to May 2023, down to $202 million. “Through May, all current generation hardware platforms are showing double-digit percentage declines year-on-year in 2024, with Switch showing the most significant drop,” Piscatella writes on X (formerly Twitter). 

The PlayStation 5 led May 2024’s hardware market in unit and dollar sales, with the Switch in second for unit sales and the Xbox Series X/S in second for dollar sales. Throughout each console’s 43 months on the market, the PS5 is up by 8% compared to the PS4 and the Xbox Series X/S is down 13% compared to the Xbox One. 

May spending on video game accessories dropped 8% when comparing May 2024 to May of last year, and the PlayStation Portal was the best-selling accessory in dollar sales for the month – it’s also the best-selling accessory for the entire year. 

Have you been playing Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut on PC? Let us know in the comments below!

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