PlayStation Reveals First Look At Concord's 5v5 FPS Gameplay, Out This August On PS5 And PC

PlayStation Reveals First Look At Concord's 5v5 FPS Gameplay, Out This August On PS5 And PC

Before showcasing some third-person shooter gameplay, a vignette setting up the game’s world and tone played, and it’s here we get a look at its Guardians of the Galaxy-esque action. We see several characters who appear to make up the rag-tag group of heroes we’ll be controlling, each with seemingly unique abilities, attempting to capture a special device from someone attempting to escape a rundown locale called Crater City. 

Check it out for yourself in the Concord cinematic reveal below

After this vignette, PlayStation showcased our first look at Concord’s gameplay. We get a look at Vale, a sniper, Lennox, a cowboy-esque revolver shooter, Haymar, who uses a magical bow and arrow, Star Child, a brutish shotgun user, and 1-Off, a support character who appears to use support-type elemental moves. The gameplay looks reminiscent of Destiny 2’s PvP modes, although brighter in color and more fantastical in visual design. 

Check out the Concord gameplay reveal for yourself below:

After the gameplay, some of the Firewalk developers spoke about what players can expect, including deployable gear that can exist throughout a full game (across multiple rounds) and asymmetrical match-ups between players. While the gameplay only showcased five characters, a quick look at the game’s roster revealed several more. 

Firewalk says every week when you log on to Concord, you’ll be treated to a short cutscene vignette teaching you more about the characters. 

Firewalk and PlayStation will hold a beta on PS5 and PC this July before the game’s simultaneous launch on those platforms on August 23, 2024. 

What did you think of this Concord reveal? Let us know in the comments below! 

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