Open World Dress-Up Game Infinity Nikki Gets A Delightful Gameplay Trailer And Beta Test This Year

Open World Dress-Up Game Infinity Nikki Gets A Delightful Gameplay Trailer And Beta Test This Year

If you haven’t followed Infinity Nikki, it’s equal parts charming, beautiful, and ambitious. The open-world game is the latest entry in the Nikki series of fashion games, which is very popular in Asia, and Westerners are getting their biggest exposure to it yet with this charming adventure. 

The game unfolds on the magical continent of Miraland, and Nikki must save it. Her main power is “styling,” which involves changing clothes from different nations, allowing her to adopt unique abilities. For example, one outfit allows her to float while another cleanses corrupted creatures of demonic energy. The trailer shows one outfit that lets summon a giant flower to glide through the air. Another ability shrinks her to the size of her small companion, Momo, to access tight areas and other locations. 

The more outfits you collect, the more abilities Nikki has to solve puzzles and overcome platforming obstacles. But despite the “save the world” premise, Infinity Nikki is billed as a relaxing adventure. You can also catch bugs, go fishing, gather resources to craft new outfits, among other activities. 

Infinity Nikki looks wild, and fans can get their first taste of it in a beta test happening during Q3 of this year. The game is coming to PC and PlayStation 5. 

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