Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition Hits Switch In July With 150 Speedrun Challenges In 13 Games

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition Hits Switch In July With 150 Speedrun Challenges In 13 Games

Nintendo has revealed Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, a game designed around speedrunning challenges and more across 13 classic NES games. Set to hit Switch on July 18, Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition features more than 150 challenges to complete, and you can compete for top spots on global online leaderboards or with friends. 

Nintendo revealed this compilation title with a trailer that pulls heavy on the Nintendo World Championship nostalgia, with previous winners appearing, footage from old competitions, and more throughout. 

Check out the Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition announcement trailer for yourself below

As you can see, challenges in the game include reaching the Super Mushroom as fast as you can in Super Mario Bros., defeating the Octorocks the fastest in The Legend of Zelda, and reaching a specified gate as quickly as possible in Metroid. And those are just three of the 150+ challenges available in the game, spread across 13 NES games. 

Each week, you can compete for the top spot in the World Championships Weekly  Global Online leaderboards, or you can compete against up to seven friends in the local eight-player Party Mode. 

“With ‘byte-sized’ challenges and an automatic rewind feature, you don’t need to master entire games to feel like a Nintendo World Champion,” the trailer’s description reads. 

Alongside today’s reveal, Nintendo has also unveiled a Deluxe Set for Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition. It includes collectible items, like art cards, a golden NES cartridge, and a physical game card.  

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition hits Switch on July 18, 2024. The Deluxe Set will cost $59.99, and the digital eShop version will cost $29.99. 

Are you going to pick this game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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