Nine Sols, A Hand-Drawn Action Game By The Makers Of Detention, Arrives In May

Nine Sols, A Hand-Drawn Action Game By The Makers Of Detention, Arrives In May

Nine Sols sports a hand-drawn art direction and an aesthetic that blends sci-fi, cyberpunk, Eastern mythology (the legend of Hou Yi in particular), and Taoism. Players control a cat-like warrior named Yi, who is awakened after years of slumber in New Kunlun, a city for humans created by nine god-like rulers. New Kunlun may appear to be a utopia, but a secret surrounds it as Yi embarks on a vengeful quest to take down all nine rulers. 

The 2D Metroidvania features fast-paced combat and a parry system directly inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In addition to a sword, Yi is armed with a divine bow and uses Taoist talismans to make enemies explode. A sprawling, interconnected map features numerous NPCs to assist, secrets, and challenging boss battles. 

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