Manipulate The Elements In Eternal Strands, Yellow Brick Games’ Debut Action Adventure Title

Manipulate The Elements In Eternal Strands, Yellow Brick Games’ Debut Action Adventure Title

Eternal Strands centers on Brynn, a warrior known as a Weaver searching for secrets of the formerly mighty nation called the Enclave. The game’s system centers around using the world, namely elements and temperature, to your advantage. Brynn wields a magical cloak called the Mantle, which grants her power to manipulate the elements by channeling magic. A reactive world means she can explore by harnessing weather events such as a flash freeze to augment ice abilities and create bridges to open new paths. She could also use a heatwave to start fires that spread realistically, consuming vegetation and enemies alike.

Check out the game’s first alpha gameplay trailer courtesy of IGN below. 

In combat, Brynn uses the Mantel in conjunction with enchanted weapons and armor to create streams of flame by swinging a sword, freeze enemies (and block attacks by creating ice walls), or send them flying with a telekinetic force push. 

Gigantic enemies called Arks roam the land, and players must scale them to take them down. While mounted on these beasts, Brynn can shatter their armor to expose and attack weak points, use ice to pin them down, or burn off their fur with flames, among other strategies. Yellow Brick Games promises Eternal Strands’ world is densely packed with secrets. Players can climb any surface, and a next-gen physics system encourages creative interactivity with the world. 

“Our hope with Eternal Strands is to deliver an adventure that brings a sense of fun and excitement to fantasy, while encouraging players to experiment with its systems,” says Mike Laidlaw, chief creative officer at Yellow Brick Games. “It’s a very different game to ones I’ve worked on in the past, and it’s been a delight to generally answer the question ‘what if the player does X?’ with ‘Cool!’ It’s also exciting to have a chance to build an all-new world that encourages and reacts to this kind of play.”

Check out the gallery of screenshots below.

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