Lego Reveals The Legend Of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-In-1 Set

Lego Reveals The Legend Of Zelda Great Deku Tree 2-In-1 Set

Lego has pulled the curtain back on its new playset based on The Legend of Zelda. The 2-in-1 aims to satisfy both old-school and new-school fans and is set to go on sale in January.

The 2,500-piece set lets owners build two scenes modeled after the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild. In terms of characters, it includes both versions of Link, BOTW Zelda, and the maraca-shaking Hestu. Smaller details include the cooking pot, a Skulltula, treasure chests, and a Korok tucked away on the treetop.

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