LEGO Reveals Massive Dungeons & Dragons Set 

LEGO Reveals Massive Dungeons & Dragons Set 

Today, after months of rumors and speculation, LEGO (in partnership with Wizards of the Coast) revealed the first full look at the new Dungeons & Dragons-themed building set entitled Red Dragon’s Tale. The large 3,745-piece set is set to release on April 1 in LEGO stores and to those in the LEGO Insiders program. Everyone else can roll for initiative on snagging a set on April 4, for the price of $359.99.

Produced through the popular LEGO Ideas platform, where fans are able to submit their own build concepts that are then refined and produced as official sets, the final set includes a full dungeon and tower, a tavern, and six minifigures (including an Orc Rogue, Gnome Fighter, Elf Wizard, and Dwarf Cleric). Builders also get several iconic D&D monsters, including an owlbear, beholder, displacer beast, and, of course, the red dragon Cinderhowl, who acts as the centerpiece of the set.

Interestingly, LEGO is offering an actual D&D adventure book to LEGO Insiders as a free digital download or as a paperback book that can be purchased with 2,7000 Insider points. That same book will show up on D&D Beyond (Wizards of the Coast’s digital hub for D&D) complete with characters sheets and digital dice. Presumably, the idea is that you could play out the adventure with the included LEGO minifigs and monsters as the miniatures used on the table, which is a pretty slick way for dedicated players to capitalize on the completed build.

In addition to the larger set, LEGO also revealed plans for a full line of D&D-themed minifigures, launching in September 2024.

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