LawBreakers Is Making An Unofficial Comeback Thanks To Fans

LawBreakers Is Making An Unofficial Comeback Thanks To Fans

The 2017 low-gravity hero shooter LawBreakers is coming back from the dead. However, this isn’t an official revival but rather due to the work of a dedicated group of fans.

Now, a team of passionate fans has worked to bring LawBreakers back. Dubbed The RELB Project, the project has been in the works since at least 2020. Its FAQ states that “This is a project to bring back the game LawBreakers, it’s done by creating ‘fake’ servers that the original game client uses. You can join by downloading the launcher, patching your game and playing like normal.”

RELB’s website allows you to download the launcher. Despite this revival being an unofficial project, Cliff Bleszinki (who has been vocal about wanting to see LawBreakers come back) has given it his blessing and enthusiastically shared RELB’s Discord on Saturday. 

Somehow LawBreakers is coming back, see below!!!

If you’re interested in this weekend’s public test or future tests, join the RELB discord server to learn how to get set up and keep up with the current news!

The RELB Project is still very much a work in progress, but the team held its first series of public playtests this past weekend. Although several modes and features from the game were disabled, these sessions appear to have been largely successful. The next playtest has not been scheduled, and the team is currently seeking more developers.

What did you think of LawBreakers and are you excited to see it playable again? Let us know in the comments!

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