Killer Bean Is A Humorous Open-World Action Roguelite Hitting Early Access This Summer

Killer Bean Is A Humorous Open-World Action Roguelite Hitting Early Access This Summer

One of Summer Game Fest’s most intriguing reveals is Killer Bean. This upcoming action roguelite puts you in the boots of a bean who embodies every awesome trait of every action/spy hero you’ve ever seen.

The game’s Steam page provides the following synopsis: “After being betrayed by the Shadow Agency and learning the truth about their evil ways, Killer Bean has made it his life goal to destroy them. Yet this is easier said than done, as Killer Bean will face armies of enemies, and mysterious Shadow Beans who are better trained and more powerful than him.”

The humourous gameplay trailer shows the game’s ever-changing open world, which morphs each time you begin a new single-player campaign. As rogue assassin Killer Bean, you can blast apart enemies, which range from soldiers to giant, Metal Gear-esque walking mechs, suplex them with wrestling moves, blow them up with rockets, or just plow them with your sports car. The world is your oyster, and the game seems to be a physics showcase, with copious amounts of ragdolling characters and objects. 

Killer Bean is slated to launch into Steam Early Access this summer. 

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