Gearbox Suffers Employee Layoffs Following Embracer Sale

Gearbox Suffers Employee Layoffs Following Embracer Sale

In a statement to Eurogamer, Gearbox states that an unknown number of employees have been let go but that those affected are not tied to the development of upcoming games. Gearbox stated last week that it has six titles in the works, including a new Borderlands game. 

“As we strive towards our mission to entertain the world, we are grateful that our talent and capability are of interest to you and your audience,” says Gearbox as part of its statement. “The Embracer Group will continue to report on their restructuring program that impacted some parts of Gearbox today that are not tied to the development of Gearbox Software games.”

While Gearbox has not divulged the number of staff members let go, several employees took to social media soon after the announcement of the sale to announce their departures. Among them, Gearbox PR manager Jennifer Locke stated on X that she and “countless others” had been affected, as surfaced by Eurogamer.  

[Source: Eurogamer]

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