Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 Brings Magneto, Fallout, And More To The Mad Max-Esque Season

Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 Brings Magneto, Fallout, And More To The Mad Max-Esque Season

“A ferocious sandstorm recently moved over the Island, creating a new biome in the south dubbed the wasteland,” an Epic Games blog post reads. “The ‘Wasteland Warriors’ have already called shotgun on owning the place (they did ride in with the sandstorm, after all). This crew moves as fast as their decked-out cars, proven by the places they’ve already established.” 

We’ll break down those new locations and more below. 

Let’s start with the battle pass. It features some newly made characters by Epic Games, known as original skins within the Fortnite community, and some collaboration skins in the form of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout series and infamous X-Men villain, Magneto. 

Check out all the skins in the battle pass below

One of the first new points of interest, or map locations, is Redline Rig. It’s a Nitro refinery run by The Machinist, the Wasteland Warriors’ master mechanic who is also available in the battle pass.

Also in the south of the island is Nitrodrome. Here, Ringmaster Scarr, who is available in the battle pass, runs the circus-like car spectacle known as the Nitrodrome.

From the Nitrodrome, you can easily reach Brutal Beachhead. Here, Megalo Don is the person in charge. He’s the Wasteland Warriors’ “master muscle,” according to the blog post, and taking him on won’t be easy. 

Epic says there are other changes to locations on the map, though. For example, Snooty Steppes is now Sandy Steppes

Across the Island, you’ll find Nitro Splash and Nitro Barrels, both from Redline Rig. Nitro Splash is a portable version of a Nitro container, which you can throw down to infuse you or your car with Nitro for a fiery boost. Nitro Barrels are Nitro containers that “Nitro-fy” on contact, and when you hit them, they’ll fly away and explode on landing. 

Here’s how Nitro works in Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 – Wrecked: 

One of the new additions to the Battle Royale fight are the Nitro Fists, which allow you to perform a three-punch combo, uppercut, or aerial punch that dashes you through the air. 

Nitro Fists have four charges, and each charge recharges every eight seconds. The uppercut and aerial punch use one charge each, while the three-punch combo uses none. If you aerial punch the ground instead of the air, “the impact will be meteoric to surrounding enemies,” Epic writes in the blog post. 

The Boom Bolt is a new fast-firing, moddable crossbow that fires explosive bolts. A few shots can take down a vehicle, Epic says. 

Returning weapons include: 

There are some new ways to fortify your vehicles in Fortnite now, too, because mods are back. Here’s what to expect: 

All you need to do to equip a new mod is hit a Vehicle Mod Box and one will automatically attach to your vehicle. You can tell which mod you’ll get based on the symbol on the box, too. 

You can repair your vehicle and its mods with the new Repair Torch or Repair Boxes, which are scattered around the map. Plus, Service Stations have replaced gas pumps, allowing you to refill your vehicle’s gas and health while parked on a station pad. 

Joining the vehicle roster is the new Behemoth Car Body, which is an SUV vehicle. 

Outside of weapons and vehicle fortifications, there’s the Nuka-Cola, which restores a bit of health (over time) and shield. 

And there’s also the Kind Cacti, which gives players (and vehicles) a splash of healing when pickaxed or driven through. 

The Machinist will drop The Machinist’s Medallion upon her defeat. This medallion generates your shield over time. If you defeat her inside Redline Rig, you can also use this medallion to open the garage holding her car. Regardless of where you defeat her, she drops The Machinist’s Combat Assault Rifle

Defeating Ringmaster Scarr nets you the Ringmaster Scarr’s Medallion, giving you infinite ammo and a small damage buff. Defeat her in the Nitrodrome to open the garage holding her car. Regardless of where you defeat her, she’ll drop the Ringmaster’s Boom Bolt

And finally, defeating Megalo Don gives you the Megalo Don’s Medallion, which will infuse you with infinite Nitro. Plus, defeating him gives you Megalo Don’s Nitro Fists

And that’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Chapter 5: Season 3 – Wrecked. 

Are you excited about this new season? Let us know in the comments below!

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