Former Halo, Destiny Lead Working On Unreal Engine 5 Competitive Multiplayer Game

Former Halo, Destiny Lead Working On Unreal Engine 5 Competitive Multiplayer Game

ProbablyMonsters, an independent game company founded in 2016 by former Bungie president and CEO Harold Ryan, has created a new team to develop a competitive multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 5. Led by former Bungie leader Chris Opdah, who has more than 20 years of experience as a game developer working on franchises like Halo and Destiny, Hidden Grove is the new team within ProbablyMonsters working on this multiplayer project.

“At Hidden Grove, it’s not just about developing something different in the field of competitive multiplayer games – it’s about doing it better as a team,” Opdahl writes in a press release. “We believe that great games start with great teams, and we’re building a creative atmosphere where artists, engineers, and creators can come together and thrive.” 

ProbablyMonsters says Opdahl founded Hidden Grove with two design directors – Raylene Deck and Grant Mackay – both of whom worked together on Destiny. “They’re supported by a full leadership team of world-building, engineering, and production veterans, including executive producer Lori Ada Kilty, art director Jedd Chevrier, senior engineering director Dean Johnson, and narrative director Kate Welch,” a press release reads. “Together, they bring significant AAA experience spread across Halo, Destiny, Mass Effect, Dungeons & Dragons, and more.” 

Hidden Grove says it is hiring, and seeking diverse, motivated, highly skilled people “who share their passion for bringing something new into the world.” 

As for what to expect of Hidden Grove’s first game, all ProbablyMonsters has shared is that it’s a competitive multiplayer “adventure game” using Unreal Engine 5. 

Additionally, ProbablyMonsters has a new chief product officer in Adam Rymer. He will report directly to ProbablyMonsters founder and CEO Harold Ryan. 

“Our definition of product isn’t just the games here at ProbablyMonsters; it’s also the design of the teams themselves,” Rymer writes in a press release. “Beyond Hidden Grove, we have unannounced development projects that I’m excited for us to share in the future.” 

What kind of game do you hope Hidden Grove creates? Let us know in the comments below!

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