Everything Announced During The 2024 Summer Devolver Direct Presentation

Everything Announced During The 2024 Summer Devolver Direct Presentation

If you weren’t able to catch it, or if you missed the name of the game you’re excited to check out (or even its release date maybe), we’ve got you covered. 

In the game, you control Luca, the host, and Rehm, her less-than-cooperative counterpart as the two venture through a sprawling metropolis filled with ruined skyscrapers to explore and secrets about what happened to uncover. Devolver says the story features multiple paths in an “open-ended world structure” and upgrades to discover that allows Luca and Rehm to explore previously inaccessible areas, possibly hinting at a Metroidvania-inspired city layout. 

Devolver describes the game as a “fast and fluid rogue-jutsu,” leaning into the game’s jujutsu roguelite action. In it, you control a renegade yakuza “hellbent on defying her former associates and loosening their grip on the Secret Garden City.” To do so, you must fight four powerful crime syndicates. To defeat them “you must master a brutal brawling system and build a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and martial arts techniques, breaking their hold on the streets in a flurry of violence.” 

While you have to take down all four crime syndicates, you can do so in any order. As you do, you unlock new weapons, combat moves, and additional areas to explore. However, the longer you spend doing this, the stronger your enemies become. 

With the Goat joining the titular Lamb, players can now experience the entire campaign in local co-op. Devolver says this update includes two-player twists on existing minigames in Cult of the Lamb, like fishing and kuncklebones, as well as additional corrupted weapons, tarot cards, curses, and relics. While playing in co-op, players can swap weapons, deal extra damage when fighting back-to-back, and deal critical hits if their attacks are in sync. Plus, solo players get some new powers and abilities to play with, too. 

Elsewhere in the update, Unholy Alliance adds new buildings, fleeces, follower traits, follower quests, and more secrets to discover. 

One of our favorite games of 2023 – The Talos Principle II – is getting a three-part “coda” expansion next week, on June 14, called Road To Elysium. Devolver says it will reunite players with beloved characters and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test through a series of thought-provoking new stories. 

Road To Elysium follows the event of The Talos Principle II and continues the evolution of the robot world while providing you with a new perspective on some of the base game’s key moments. This expansion consists of three chapters, each with a distinctive look and feel:

The Talos Principle II’s Road to Elysium expansion launches June 14 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will cost $19.99. 

If you’re not familiar with Anger Foot, it takes place in the caffeine-fueled S**t City, and tasks players with putting the boot, literally, to a menacing menagerie of merciless gangsters.

“Unleash the world’s deadliest feet on a colorful cast of anthropomorphic enemies, clearing out slums, sewers, and skyscrapers as you grab new weapons, unlock new sneakers, and upgrade your powers in absurd and wonderful ways,” a press release reads. 

Devolver announced today that its reality TV-inspired “thirst-person shooter,” The Crush House, launches on PC on August 9. However, the publisher revealed a new demo for the game is available to download and play right now. 

In The Crush House, you play as Jae, a new producer for The Crush House. As Jae, you’ll take your camera into the show’s Malibu, California, mansion to keep viewers glued to their screens by filming as much drama, romance, and tension as you can find. However, if you fail to keep the audience entertained, your show will get canceled. 

And that’s everything announced during today’s 2024 Devolver Digital presentation. 

Let us know what your favorite reveals were in the comments below!

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