Destiny 2: The Final Shape Includes New Prismatic Subclass, Enemy Faction, Exotics, And More

Destiny 2: The Final Shape Includes New Prismatic Subclass, Enemy Faction, Exotics, And More

Check out the Destiny 2: The Final Shape gameplay trailer for yourself below

“Alongside the three new Light Supers previously announced [Twilight Arsenal for Titans, Storm’s Edge for Hunters, and Song of Flame for Warlocks], Guardians will wield the Light and Darkness together for the first time to unleash the Prismatic subclass,” a press release reads. “This subclass introduces new options to enhance and customize each playstyle with the combination of multiple element types.”

Bungie says each class will get a unique grenade that combines multiple subclass elements, too: Warlocks will get a Stasis/Void grenade, Titans a Strand/Arc grenade, and Hunters will get a Solar/Stasis grenade. 

For the first time ever in Destiny 2 history, in The Final Shape, players will be able to equip an exotic class item – meaning Hunter’s cloaks, Titan’s marks, and Warlock’s bonds – with exotic-level perks. These perks will be randomized, according to Bungie, taking two features from existing exotic class items (including some belonging to other classes). 

The new Dread enemy faction will terrorize Guardians at the behest of The Witness (pictured above) with never-before-seen abilities. Alongside Tormentors and Subjugators, The Witness will unleash new Grim, Husk, Attendant, and Weaver units: 

These enemies, exotics, the new Prismatic subclass, and more will be available with the launch of The Final Shape on June 4. In the meantime, you can jump into the game’s latest update – Into the Light – starting today. 

This new two-month update features the new wave-defense Onslaught activity, fan-favorite weapons with standard and limited-edition variants, the new Hall of Champions social space, reprised Zero Hour and The Whisper exotic missions, a new raid boss gauntlet called the Pantheon, new rewards, and more. 

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