Deathbound, A Single-Player Party-Based Soulslike, Hits PlayStation, Xbox, And PC This Year

Deathbound, A Single-Player Party-Based Soulslike, Hits PlayStation, Xbox, And PC This Year

“The relationships between characters also must be taken into effect as it greatly impacts gameplay,” a press release reads. “The Church of Death and Cult of Life are at odds with one another. Aligning opposing factions close to one another in the vessel will cause conflict, resulting in consequential combat effects. Alternatively, strong synergies with shared beliefs may offer combat buffs that can spell disaster for the ruthless boss awaiting steel and magic. No matter the creed, the fallen must fight as one.” 

Trialforge says in combat, players will charge something called a sync meter that’s shared across the fallen within the vessel. When the right opportunity shows itself, players can dispel the sync meter to unleash a devastating “Morphstrike, with the combined power of the party.” 

Deathbound will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store sometime this year. If you’re curious how it plays, there’s a demo available right now on Steam. 

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