Billie Eilish Is Headlining Fortnite Festival Season 3

Billie Eilish Is Headlining Fortnite Festival Season 3

With the introduction of Fortnite Festival, Epic’s rhythm game within the chart-topping Battle Royale, there’s more incentive than ever for musicians to have their likenesses added to the game. The latest of these artists is Billie Eilish, who announced her collaboration with the game on social media earlier today.

Fortnite Festival Main Stage: 4.23.24

Eilish is not just getting a skin added to the game (like Eminem, for example), she’s the next headliner for Fortnite Festival’s main stage event, which will start tomorrow, April 23. This includes a set of artist-specific rotating songs players can compete for high scores in, as well as unlockable skins, songs, instruments, and other cosmetics, though unlocking all of these requires the purchase of the pricey 1,800 V-Buck Festival Pass. Previous headliners were The Weeknd and Lady Gaga.

Will you be buying Eilish’s festival pass? Which artist do you want to see in Fortnite next? Let us know in the comments!

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