Battle Aces Is A Far-Future 'Action Real-Time Strategy' Game That Aims To Make The Genre More Approachable

Battle Aces Is A Far-Future 'Action Real-Time Strategy' Game That Aims To Make The Genre More Approachable

Uncapped Games, founded in 2021, has debuted its first title: Battle Aces, an action real-time strategy game for PC. Revealed during today’s 2024 Summer Game Fest showcase, Uncapped says it designed Battle Aces with RTS newcomers in mind in an attempt to make the somewhat difficult genre more approachable for wider audiences. 

Set in the far-flung future – the 26th Century, to be exact – humanity fights amongst planets in a struggle for resources, weaponry, and more. Players will take on the role of Battle Aces, or mercenary commanders, in charge of high-tech drones to fight “explosive, large-scale battles in the front lines of war.” 

Check out the action in the Battle Aces reveal trailer for yourself below

“Battle Aces immediately sets itself apart from traditional RTS games by allowing players to choose their army composition and customize their play style through Unit Decks,” a press release reads. “With over 50 units to choose from at launch and more than 40 to be made available to play in the upcoming closed beta test, Battle Aces offers an immense variety of potential in-game matchups and near-limitless strategic potential that begins before a match even starts.”

Uncapped points out features like automated resource gathering, instant unit-spawning, and preset expansions as ways it aims to keep players focused on the fun of controlling and strategizing massive armies in combat, “even as they manage the moment-to-moment strategic decision-making of when to expand new bases, and when to tech for more powerful units.” The team says its U.I. allows players to quickly switch between unit production and army control seamlessly, and it hopes “the combination of design and U.I. elements makes it easier than ever to build and reinforce armies and keep attention on managing intense battles.” 

Speaking of battles, Battle Aces features 1v1 and 2v2 matches, and each match is limited to just 10 minutes.

Here are some Battle Aces screenshots

“The promise of RTS has always centered on building and commanding a massive army, and controlling how it moves and fights across the map as you match strategic wits against an opponent,” Uncapped senior game director David Kim writes in a press release. “In Battle Aces, our aim is for players of all skill levels and experience with RTS to experience that promise in every match. In fact, what we’ve seen in our testing so far is that players new to RTS or less familiar with the genre have been able to learn Battle Aces and grow in skill more quickly than any RTS our team has ever worked on before.” 

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