Bandai Namco Has Quietly Released Three Small 3D Platformers For Free

Bandai Namco Has Quietly Released Three Small 3D Platformers For Free

In Nottolot, a free-play robot hacking action game, players control Rolly, who uses a hacking ability to control four enemies and escape from a robot production factory. There are 52 reviews for it on Steam so far, giving the game a “Very Positive” rating.

Boomeroad is described as an exhilarating action-adventure game in which players slide along boomerang rails they create. “The game is set in an ancient ruin floating in the sky, and the player slides through the vast skies at their own will while searching for the Artifacts,” the Steam description reads. 

After more than 150 user reviews on Steam, Boomeroad currently has a “Very Positive” rating. 

 The third and final quiet release from Bandai Namco is Doronko Wanko, which the company describes as an action game. “You can become a cute, innocent Pomeranian, make your master’s home messy and dirty,” the description reads. “‘Will the mast be angry with me?’ Don’t worry. Because you are a sweet doggie.” 

With more than 1300 user reviews on Steam, Doronko Wanko has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating. 

Again, all three of these games are free to download on Steam and none of them have system requirements that will press your PC too much. It remains unclear why these games were quitely released for free on Steam – perhaps they are tests for Bandai Namco, or maybe each game is a prototype of something larger teams might be working on. 

Are you interested in checking these games out? Let us know what you think of them if you do in the comments below!

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