Ballad of Antara Is A Gorgeous Fantasy Action Game Where You Carry A Kid On Your Back

Ballad of Antara Is A Gorgeous Fantasy Action Game Where You Carry A Kid On Your Back

Today’s State of Play revealed a new fantasy action game called Ballad of Antara. The trailer shows all manner of over-the-top stylish combat against supernatural foes. However, the hero does all of this while carrying a small child on his back.

The game showcases a variety of beautifully rendered locations, though we have little idea of the plot other than the trailer’s synopsis: 

A faraway land is on the verge of being lost to a conflict from eons ago, and the invasion that followed it. Embark on a perilous journey, seek towering divine creatures, to reclaim the twisted and lost fundamentals of the world.

Regardless of what any of that really means, the action looks good enough to grab our attention. Why is the protagonist lugging this kid around? We’re curious to find out.

Ballad of Antara is coming to PS5 in 2025.

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