Ark: The Animated Series Surprise Launches On Paramount + Today

Ark: The Animated Series Surprise Launches On Paramount + Today

Ark: The Animated Series has surprised launched today on Paramount +. Based on the hit Ark: Survival Evolved, the series was first announced at The Game Awards in 2020 and went from not having a release date or platform to suddenly having its first six episodes available now in the U.S. and Canada.

The series follows Helena Walker, a paleontologist who mysteriously washes ashore on a mysterious island brimming with dinosaurs and other extinct wildlife. After meeting another survivor and hunter named Bob, Helena learns how to fend for herself in this strange land while encountering myriad threats and survivors from throughout history. While the first six episodes of Season 1 are out now, the remaining seven episodes will arrive at a later date. 

The show’s star-studded cast includes Madeleine Madden, Michelle Yeoh, Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Russell Crowe, Jeffrey Wright, Karl Urban, Zahn McClarnon, Devery Jacobs, Elliot Page, Malcolm McDowell, Deborah Mailman, and Alan Tudyk. Check out the premiere trailer below. 

To mark the occasion, Ark: Survival Ascended is holding a special tie-in event in which players can unlock skins based on characters from the animated series, which replicate the show’s art style. Obtaining these involves collecting a series of notes titled “Dear Jane” written by Karl Urban’s character in the show, Bob. The first drop of skins will be for Helena, Bob, Dodo, and Scary the Parasaur. New notes will appear in the game each Tuesday and Thursday until April 11. Check out the trailer below.

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