A New RPG Maker Is Coming To Switch And PlayStation

A New RPG Maker Is Coming To Switch And PlayStation

The RPG Maker series is arguably the most efficiently named “game” in the medium. It is a tool that lets players make their own RPGs. The series has been around in Japan since the late ’80s but has regularly made its way to North America across myriad platforms. It has always existed somewhere between a development tool and a fun, digital creativity toy. The next entry, RPG Maker With – considering it will be for consoles – seems to fall more in the direction of the latter.

With doesn’t appear to have any major surprises. It boasts user-friendly and intuitive controls, all kinds of new assets to build your game with, the ability to make your own assets, and it will let you share your creations, finished or in-progress, with others online.

RPG Maker With and is coming to Switch in the Fall of this year and will make its way to Sony platforms in 2025.

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