A Dragon's Dogma 2 Update Is Coming In The "Near Future" But Won't Improve Frame Rates

A Dragon's Dogma 2 Update Is Coming In The "Near Future" But Won't Improve Frame Rates

In addition to general text and bus fixes, there are a few significant quality-of-life improvements. For starters, the Pawn Guild now sells a lot more “Art of Metamorphosis” items, which is how you can change the appearance of a character or pawn after they’ve already been created. If you’re dissatisfied with their appearance mid-game or want to add some changes for role-playing reasons, like a scar or tattoo, this will make that much easier. The Pawn Guild previously only sold two at a time – now, there will be 99.

It also makes it easier to obtain a house, which has significant implications for the flow of the game. The longer you go without staying at an inn or campsite, the more your maximum health deteriorates when taking damage. It’s also how you gain the items your pawn might have obtained while adventuring with other players. Early in the game, the main hurdle here is the cost – sleeping in an inn requires 1500 to 2000 gold, while staying at a campsite requires camping kits. However, once you have a permanent dwelling, you can rest and fully heal for free. Making it available earlier in the game will make that early struggle a little easier.

Other than that, consoles will get some graphics adjustment settings (though these are what Capcom says won’t significantly impact frame rates), while Steam users get improved quality when DLSS Super Resolution is on, along with a fix for certain low-quality models. 

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