5 Mega Man Game Boy Titles Added To Nintendo Switch Online

5 Mega Man Game Boy Titles Added To Nintendo Switch Online

Given Mega Man’s enormous presence on classic Nintendo consoles, it’s surprising that the only game available on the Nintendo Switch Online libraries has been Mega Man: The Wily Wars…for Sega Genesis. That has been remedied somewhat thanks to the addition of five Game Boy titles starring the Blue Bomber.

Right now, Switch Online subscribers can enjoy the following Game Boy titles:

For those unaware, the Game Boy series of Mega Man aren’t just ports of their NES counterparts. Rather, they’re a separate series of original games and are differentiated by the titles’ use of Roman numerals instead of numbers. You can more or less think of them as Mega Man’s versions of the Super Mario Land series, and while they feature their own plots, levels, and bosses, they incorporate some mechanics and enemies from the NES entries. While these aren’t the original NES games fans likely would have hoped for, it’s cool to have the lesser-known Game Boy titles accessible on modern hardware. 

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