Possessor(s) Is A Side-Scrolling Action Game From The Devs Behind Hyper Light Drifter And Solar Ash

Possessor(s) Is A Side-Scrolling Action Game From The Devs Behind Hyper Light Drifter And Solar Ash

In Possessor(s), you control Luca, the host, and Rehm, her less-than-cooperative counterpart as the two venture through a sprawling metropolis filled with collapsed skyscrapers to explore and secrets to uncover. Devolver says the narrative features multiple paths in an “open-ended world structure” as players attempt to learn the truth behind the catastrophe that has wrecked the city (and seemingly the world). 

“Gameplay is centered around tight, fast-paced platforming with a range of unique movement abilities that extends to its tense, precise combat,” a press release for Possessor(s) reads. “Balance ground and air attacks, replete with combos and juggles as you encounter a variety of deadly enemies and challenging bosses.”

Throughout Possessor(s), players will discover upgrades that allow Luca and Rehm to explore previously inaccessible areas, nodding toward a potential Metroidvania-style city layout. 

Here are some Possessor(s) screenshots

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