Hotel Galactic Is A Sci-Fi Management Sim With Studio Ghibli-Inspired Visuals Coming To Consoles And PC

Hotel Galactic Is A Sci-Fi Management Sim With Studio Ghibli-Inspired Visuals Coming To Consoles And PC

Developer-publisher Ancient Forge has revealed Hotel Galactic, a sci-fi hotel management sim with Studio Ghibli-inspired visuals, and it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Revealed during today’s PC Gaming Show,  Ancient Forge is launching a Kickstarter for Hotel Galactic next month on July 9 that will run through the end of the month. 

In Hotel Galactic, players are tasked with restoring a rundown cosmic hotel drifting amongst the stars to its former glory. “Entice alien guests from around the galaxy by dreaming up beautifully quirky designs,” a press release reads. “Craft elegant guest rooms, grand dining halls, and other rooms crucial to keep guests satisfied during their stay. Purchase furniture from visiting merchants or build them from scratch using wood, metal, and other materials.” 

Check it out for yourself in the Hotel Galactic reveal trailer below

Elsewhere in the game, you can feed guests by cooking meals created by berries, plants, and cosmic ingredients scattered “throughout the great beyond.” You can experiment with new dishes, cater to guests’ “sophisticated palates,” and perfect recipes for even the pickiest of eaters. 

You must also hire and manage staff to keep the hotel running at its best, and you do so by dragging and dropping workers around the hotel. 

Outside of that, you can “take a reprieve from managing a hotel by exploring an underground complex within the floating island,” according to a press release. “Become a part of the local ecosystem by growing plants in the hotel’s backyard and raising myriad livestock. Welcome eccentric, alien travelers from across the galaxy, and run the next five-start inn featuring a charming soundtrack and Studio Ghibli-inspired visuals.” 

Here are some screenshots from Hotel Galactic

Ancient Forge plans to launch Hotel Galactic on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC sometime in the future. The game’s Kickstarter campaign begins on July 9 and runs through July 30. The company says that with each milestone achieved, it promises to deliver new content, such as unannounced in-game mechanics, new VIP guests, and more. 

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