Cairn Is A New Climbing Adventure-Survival Game From The Developers Behind Haven

Cairn Is A New Climbing Adventure-Survival Game From The Developers Behind Haven

However, if the reveal trailer is any indication, dying isn’t the end of her climb – just a part of the process. Though not confirmed, this premise seems to point toward Cairn being a roguelite, or at least a game where dying is part of the process. Rockclimbing treachery aside, the game looks beautiful. 

Check it out for yourself in the Cairn reveal trailer below

“Reach a summit never climbed before in this survival-climber game,” the game’s description reads. “Climb anywhere and plan your route carefully, managing pitons and resources to survive the unforgiving Mount Kami. Discover what Aava is willing to sacrifice to achieve the ascent of a lifetime.”

Cairn is due out on consoles and PC sometime next year. 

Are you going to check out Cairn next year?Let us know in the comments below!

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