Battle Suit Aces Is A Card-Based Mecha RPG From The Makers Of Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Suit Aces Is A Card-Based Mecha RPG From The Makers Of Battle Chef Brigade

Battle Chef Brigade developer Trinket Studios has unveiled its next project, Battle Suit Aces. Instead of a culinary puzzle battle, you’re hopping into anime-inspired mech suits to take on other mech suits in card-based combat.

Revealed during the Future Game Show, players lead a crew of mech pilots, who take the form of cards, to engage in 5v5 battles against enemies. Not only can you improve their mech suits, of which 30 types exist, but you can grow meaningful relationships with your plucky pilot squad.

The game includes over 50 voiced characters to bond with over 50 story missions, and players can steer the narrative by making decisions such as choosing to side with one of five factions. Gameplay is all about building the most strategically viable hand based on your personal playstyle to wipe out what Trinket Studios describes as a “star-consuming threat.” 

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